Construction Management

Project participants working online need to do more than just see and mark up PDF floor plans on their tablet. The ability to easily view, edit, and markup the BIM model in the cloud — anywhere, anytime — frees authorized users to get their jobs done faster. Safely create a new class of Revit users - who enjoy flexible access to the BIM online.


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The most natural, visual, and efficient way to manage BIM data
for your construction projects of any scale. 
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Revit Integration

Automate manual tasks to publish, share and synchronize Revit sheets, views and markups all online.

smart sheets

With SpaceRunner, your plans, views and sheets are more than just static images.

share plans online

Include more of your team by publishing and organizing your plans in SpaceRunner’s cloud application.

synchronize markups

Redline markups, punch items and RFIs created in the cloud, automatically synchronizes with Revit.

project documents

Store and organize your construction plans, views and sheets in an easy to use online portal.


Track issue tickets, maintenance requests, and RFIs.